Greenpeace comment to the IEA WEO: a historic turning point for the energy transition

The International Energy Agency has stated in their new World Energy Outlook released today that we are at a historic turning point for the energy transition: the...

Hardly anyone is buying condos in Toronto anymore as market plummeting

While renters in Toronto are competing neck-and-neck for apartments that keep going up in price, the city’s housing market is in a very different situation that would better be...

Amazon shares plunge 19% as e-commerce giant reveals weak sales forecast said costs might eviscerate its profit for the current quarter, as early holiday marketing does little to boost sales growth and as labour and delivery expenses continue...

Meta shares fall to lowest level since 2016 as Big Tech wipeout continues

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is shown during a virtual event on Oct. 28, 2021. While use of Meta’s various apps grew year-over-year, revenue and profit declined in...

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Boom Is Over, Expect $1.6 Trillion In Losses: RBC

Canadian real estate sent household net worth soaring over the past few years, and now it’s taking some of it back. RBC Economics warned investors this week that the...

« Couper le robinet » du plastique pour sauver la Méditerranée

(Marseille) Aux tréfonds des abysses, dans l’estomac des tortues, sur les plages : le plastique est partout en Méditerranée, la mer la plus polluée au monde. Mais si...
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